Water – the blue Gold

The omnipresent water crisis concerns the whole world. In the future sufficient access to water presents the biggest challenge. It`s not for nothing that water is called the blue Gold, the peoples most precious commodity.

STUCK Exploration assists companies and also private individuals with their exploration for water resources. With about 20 years of experience and the unique Know-how we explore for water resources worldwide in cooperation with Geologists, Hydrologists, Mineralogists, Metallurgists Radionics Practitioners, IT-Specialists and Researchers.  With the latest technology information can be given on the discharge (l/m) and the depth of the resource.

Use our experience for an efficient implementation of your project and confide in a strong partner.


Water Finding Guarantee

STUCK Exploration Ltd offers the sensational Water Finding Guarantee in the water exploration sector. With the Motto: We don`t charge if we don`t find. Only if the water resources warranted by STUCK Exploration also exist, does the customer have to pay for the exploration services.

Since the opening in 1999 of the founder company S&K Brunnenbohr Ltd numerous projects have been implemented in the water exploration sector. With the innovative GEE -Technology and the founder family`s Know-How the Water Finding Guarantee has become well established in the company`s tender.

Water | Water Finding Guarantee

With this unrivalled offer we wish to strengthen the customer`s confidence in our work as only with success and actual discovery can we invoice our project costs in their entirety. The client is given exact information if there is a resource located on the explored property. If a water resource exists and is warranted by us, then we offer our success basis. No risks arise for the customer authorizing STUCK Exploration.

The Water Finding Guarantee, especially for people in arid regions like in Africa, is a determining factor to authorize STUCK Exploration. The customer can have confidence in our company. We are proud that also in Africa we can contribute socially and that our exploration services can be put at the disposal of the non-profitable organization Life needs Water“.