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In 2015 the family business S&K Brunnenbohr Ltd was expanded with the foundation of the company STUCK Exploration Ltd.  S&K Brunnenbohr`s exploratory services were completely outsourced to this company. Restructuring measures were taken based on the planned internationalization. STUCK Exploration Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the STUCK Holding Ltd.

STUCK Exploration
S&K Brunnenbohr Ltd | History

S&K Brunnenbohr Ltd

In 1999 the company and family business S&K Brunnenbohr Ltd was founded in Austria. The firm`s line of business involves the exploration and drilling for water. The company today is still operating successfully as a specialist firm (exploration compandy) and has established itself as a professional partner for business enterprises, municipalities, water cooperatives and private households.

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Corporate Development of the business S&K Brunnenbohr Ltd

Since the beginning the company S&K Brunnenbohr Ltd has offered water explorations with a water finding guarantee. Over the years the company`s main stays were expanded from being solely a drilling company with sales activities to being an exploration company. Based on the technical research work and software development in 2015 the company was restructured and the exploratory operations were outsourced to the subsidiaries.