STUCK Exploration Ltd

Since the reorganization of S&K Brunnenbohr Ltd in 2015 the above named company is solely an exploration enterprise.

Business operation of the STUCK Exploration Ltd

STUCK Exploration is an internationally active company, which has specialized in prospecting for water, hot water springs, natural gas and oil deposits. The company has a specially developed technology and software at their disposal as well as an evaluation method. With the interaction of 20 years of experience, a team of experts, and the latest technology, the strikes lie around 95%. In this sector conventional methods can in comparison only show 30%.

Success Factors

As a service company STUCK Exploration offers, finding the desired deposits, and during the preliminary stages the drilling site survey.  Through STUCK Exploration`s advanced Know-how the customer in the preliminary stages is in a position to acquire the ideal area for his proposed project. With the more efficient approach, a high reduction in costs is achieved as in the initial stage the right project area is then selected.

Unique Selling Proposition

  • Water Finding Guarantee – We don`t charge if we don`t find
  • Success Basis in regions of Natural Gas and Crude Oil deposits
  • Extensive Exploration Areas
  • Drilling Site Exploration Technology
  • Explorations up to a depth of 5000m
  • 95% successful strikes

Corporate Objectives

The company vision is to create faster, more efficient and cost saving explorations. Separate technical departments are working on the further development of the internal exploration technology. Technological progress coupled with the experience make the explorations of STUCK Exploration Ltd so successful.