Social Corporate Responsibility with Life Needs Water

Social Responsibility is important to us. As the exploration company which offers the unique Water Finding Guarantee, we would like to utilize it not only for commercial purposes, but also to support people who do not have access to clean drinking water. For this purpose in 2009 the STUCK family founded the organization Life needs Water”.

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Life Needs Water

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STUCK Exploration Ltd is proud that with their specially developed exploration technology, they can also provide a contribution to the people and animals of Africa and donates the explorations for water to the association ”Life needs Water” for their drinking water well projects in Tanzania and Cameroon.

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With the help of our technology it`s possible to lessen the suffering in Africa and to assure access to essential drinking water. We are proud to be able to say, that the water exploration in Africa is 100% successful and that assistance really arrives there where it`s needed most.