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The escalating demand for water, hot water springs, oil and natural gas can only be tackled with the latest technology. In our company investments in research and development therefore play an important role.  With trend-setting technology and software we reach our target. We gladly take on the challenge to assure the energy supply.

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The exploration in areas for the desired deposits is often connected to an invariably larger economic risk. The deposits are often in inaccessible areas. A profound analysis of the deposit site is therefore essential. The area to be explored will undergo a thorough geophysical survey. This should be as quick as possible and cost-effective. With our Geomagnetic Technology and Interference- Elimination Technology (GEE-Technology) an exploration is implemented faster and 50% cheaper, compared to the conventional methods. Further Exploration Technology, developed by STUCK Exploration like the Drilling Site Exploration Technology can assist the customer in pre-selecting the appropriate area. In this context STUCK Exploration offers unique projects on a Success Basis.

For us finding the deposit is the most significant, completing a successful exploration project and customer satisfaction.
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Exploration | World map

Origin of the Technology

For the past 35 years the STUCK Family has researched and explored for water, hot springs, oil and natural gas deposits.  In 1999 the company S&K Brunnenbohr Ltd was founded to enable them to explore and drill for the deposits with their own drilling equipment. From the beginning they confided in revolutionary technology and they offered the unique Water Finding Guarantee. Many years of experience and further development of the software and technology by a team of experts also made it possible to find oil and natural gas deposits.

Exploration | Team of Experts

Team of Experts

A team of geologists, geophysicists, hydrologists, mineralogists, metallurgists, radionics practitioners, computer specialists, software developers and modern technology make it possible to guarantee up to 95% successful strikes. This in this field is revolutionary.  Backed up by the success basis, this permits the customer a risk free cooperation. We offer them the opportunity to set off into an innovative exploration era with STUCK Exploration.

Technology – Software – Evaluation

The combination of long-standing experience, latest technology, unique software, internal data analysis and evaluation enables a 50% reduction in costs and time compared to the conventional exploration methods. With the STUCK Exploration Know-how faster and more efficient project implementation is possible.

STUCK Exploration Technology manages without seismic vibrator trucks and seismic evaluation. No damage occurs in the area and preliminary examinations are possible without having to set foot there. With this revolutionary technology the area to be explored is narrowed down and explored using an appropriate method GEE-Technology.  The primary data is then processed with specially developed software on high performance computers giving exact information as to the type of deposit as well as the exact depth.  Explorations up to a depth of 5000 meters are currently possible.

Exploration | GEE-Technology

The evaluation is thus scientifically sound and does not allow any leeway for dry drillings. The customer is assured a trusting cooperation. Everything from one source.

Exploration Process – 4 Pillar System

The sequence of the exploration process is described as a 4-Pillar-System. According to this series of events the project is implemented.



Exploration with specially developed GEE-Technology



Data analysis of the primary data using own software



Evaluation of the analysed data by a team of experts and own principles


Drilling Point

Drilling point coordinates are passed on to the customer with a detailed explanation

Use our comprehensive Know-how for the efficient implementation of your project and have confidence in a strong Partner.

Exploration | with GEE Technology

Exploration – with GEE Technology

In the exploration sector there are many geophysical methods for finding the desired deposits. For the last 20 years STUCK enterprise has researched in the fields of Geo-Magnetics and Interference Elimination Technology. Through the further development of the already known traditional methods, a completely innovative technology was developed, the so-called “Geomagnetic – Exploration- and Interference Elimination Technology“.

Based on the magnetic scanning of the anomalies of the earth`s magnetic field, a team of experts implements a highly developed interference elimination technology to eliminate interference fields. This research in the magnetic field is unrivalled in its sector.

An independent interaction consisting of Geologists, Hydrologists, Mineralogists, Metallurgists, Geophysicists, Radionics practitioners and Software Developers enables the implementation of the new GEE-Technology in the area to be explored und facilitates a successful exploration project.


The primary data measured with the GEE-Technology are analyzed by high-performance computer systems.  Large data volumes can be evaluated and quickly analyzed, this is guaranteed with vast data processing capacities. The STUCK Exploration Team has an in-house software program to model the measured data in 3D-optics. The geological substructure is uncovered using this software even an extensive presentation of the deposit is possible. Also the direction of the water flow can be followed.

Exploration | Software program to model the measured data in 3D-optics


The Interpretation of the internal Software takes place according to own principles and standards, and is undertaken by specially trained employees explicitly aligned to the new GEE-Technology. This geoscientific method of analysis is applied by specialists with long-standing experience.

Exploration | Drilling Point

Drilling Point – the Drilling can start

The purpose of the completed compilation of the primary data, as well as the evaluation and interpretation by high performance computers is a detailed final report, as well as the coordinates for the ideal drilling point. To review if an area contains the desired deposit, can only be verified by drilling. With the close collaboration of technology, software and specialists your project can also become a success story.

Advantages in cooperating with STUCK Exploration

  • With their own developed technology and software, time and cost savings of up to 50% compared to the conventional methods
  • Exploration drilling depth up to 5000 m
  • Drilling Site Exploration Technology – selection of the appropriate area, which also contains a deposit
  • Areas already explored, which can be recommended for acquisition to the customer
  • Success Basis and Water Finding Guarantee!
  • No risk for the customer
  • Individual handling with a specific contact person
  • Team of experts – Exploration process from one source