Advanced Know-How with the latest technology

Extensive areas can be surveyed with a fast exploratory method, thus providing information as to whether an area contains resources or not. So the client can decide beforehand if the purchase of the plot and the associated procedures like permit or acquisition of the property are at all profitable. Only a project start in the right area with the appropriate hot water springs, crude oil or natural gas resources can lead to a successful drilling.

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With STUCK Exploration company`s state-of-the art Drilling Site Exploration Technology, the client is able to take the first step, in a quicker and more cost efficient way into the successful project phase. STUCK Exploration offers their customers the first evaluation in advance to avoid unnecessary costs, and to already safeguard the area, before a more precise exploration and ultimately to secure a successful drilling.

Pre-visited Areas:

STUCK Exploration Ltd for decades through testing its own internal technology has realized explorations. Consequently potential areas were already pre-explored, which would suit ideally for a successful drilling. This valuable geological data and the GPS key figures were already evaluated by a team of experts in the USA and they are available for clients who are interested in a project co-operation. Thus STUCK Exploration provides knowledge about the areas which contain economically relevant resources.

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