Crude Oil – The Black Gold

In many ways crude oil determines daily life as a result oil is referred to as one of the most important raw materials for all nations. Life without oil is unimaginable.  With the increasing demand for crude oil, the fast and economical location of the hydrocarbons is gaining in importance. The fluctuating crude oil prices are becoming more of a problem with regard to creating economical project costs.

The crude oil exploration has to be effected faster and with cost-savings to remain competitive. The risk of dry drilling must be avoided. Here with a strike of 95% we are a reliable and competent partner for your next exploration project.

The deposits are often in inaccessible areas. A profound geophysical analysis is therefore very important. Through the use of our trend-setting technology the GEE-Technology for striking hydrocarbons, we are a strong partner for our customers.


Natural Gas – Renewable Energy of the Future

The dominant role of crude oil is being replaced more and more by natural gas. Gas is considered as safe, flexible and exists in sufficient quantities. Natural Gas provides a reliable energy supply, as gas can be stored thus compensating for supply shortfalls. Modern Gas-fired power plants guarantee the electricity production, also when the sun is not shining. It is considered to be the cleanest of the fossil fuels, affordable, safe and environmentally friendly.

Use of the most modern Technology in the exploration for deposits

An important key competitive factor in the exploration for hydrocarbons is the cost-savings. This can only be possible and guaranteed when the striking of the deposit is fast and safe. Exactly these factors, with our innovative GEE-Technology can make your exploration a success story. The complex stone information can be plotted extensively with our evaluation and in-house software.

STUCK Exploration supports companies with their Exploration for crude oil and natural gas deposits. Use our unique Know-how and trendsetting technology for an efficient project implementation and have confidence in a strong partner.